Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grand Cherokee
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+ Рядный the six-cylinder engine
+ Engine V8
- Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
   The general information
   Engine major repairs - the general information
   Check компрессионного pressure in cylinders
   The diagnostic checks made by means of the vacuum gauge
   Methods of removal of the engine and necessary safety measures
   Removal and engine installation
   Variants of restoration of the engine
   Order of dismantling of the engine
   Dismantling of a head of cylinders
   Cleaning and check of a condition of a head of cylinders
   Service of valves
   Assemblage of a head of cylinders
   Removal of shatunno-piston assemblages
   Removal of a cranked shaft
   Cleaning of the block of the engine
   Check of a condition of the block of the engine
   Хонингование cylinders
   Check of a condition of shatunno-piston assemblages
   Check of a condition of a cranked shaft
   Check of a condition radical and шатунных bearings
   Assembly order of the engine after end of its major repairs
   Installation of a cranked shaft and check of backlashes of radical bearings
   Installation of piston rings
   Installation of shatunno-piston assemblages and check of backlashes in шатунных bearings
   The first start of the engine after major repairs
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ System of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission
+ Distributing box
+ Coupling and трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of an onboard electric equipment
+ Controls and operation receptions


Installation of a cranked shaft and check of backlashes of radical bearings

If during carrying out of major repairs of the engine has been spent проточка шатунных and radical necks of a cranked shaft till the standard repair size (with belittling of 0,254 mm), the choice of replaceable bearings should not cause difficulties. It is necessary to order simply the standard complete set of loose leaves of the repair size. However, it is necessary to remember, what even in case of performance проточки a shaft and replacement of bearings before starting engine assemblage it is necessary to make check of backlashes in bearings. (The item "Irrespective of the used way see...").

On a factory line on assemblage of engines the sizes of necks of an established shaft and bearings can vary slightly. Cranks and bearings are usually marked by the colour code, allowing to define correctness of conformity of loose leaves to shaft necks. If on the engine the cranked shaft is established the standard size, selection of new loose leaves can be carried out according to materials Check of a condition of the block of the engine Has undressed. In case of need qualified consultation always can be received also in a repair truck specialising on restoration of engines.

The colour code is usually put down on the brink of the bearing loose leaf.

The code of the size of a neck is usually put down by a paint on the nearest cheek of a crank (back) end of a shaft from outside equipped with a flange. The exception is made only by a neck of the back radical bearing the code for which is put a flange of a back crank on 6-cylinder engines. On engines V8 the alphanumeric code of the size of all necks (the Section Check of a condition of the block of the engine see) is put on a back flange of a cranked shaft.

For the purpose of more exact updating of a backlash the top and bottom flanges of one bearing can be picked up the different sizes. For example, for reduction of a backlash by 0,0127 mm the loose leaf of the nominal size can be established in a combination to the second size with belittling in 0,0254 mm.

At all it is not necessary to establish the loose leaves differing more than on 0,0254 mm in one bearing. Loose leaves of the unpaired size always should be established either all upwards, or all downwards.

Measurement of backlashes in radical bearings

Irrespective of the used way of definition of the size of bearings, the backlash in them should be checked by means of a special set with the calibrated plastic wire (Plastigage). Such check gives a guarantee of correctness of selection of loose leaves.


    Wipe backs of new loose leaves of radical bearings and enclose on one, equipped with an oil flute in each of beds in the block. Significant others of loose leaves of each of complete sets enclose in a corresponding cover. Track that uvulas of loose leaves have entered reciprocal deepenings in the block or a cover. Oil apertures in the block necessarily should appear combined with apertures in loose leaves.

At all застукивайте the loose leaf in bed a hammer also try not to scratch подшипниковые surfaces and not to leave on them задиров. Greasing at the given stage should not to be made.

    Wipe surfaces of bearings in the block and necks of a cranked shaft pure неворсящейся rags. Check up passableness and, in case of need, clean all oil apertures of a shaft. The dirt from them will inevitably get to bearings. Having made sure of irreproachable cleanliness of a cranked shaft, cautiously lower it in radical bearings. Before definitive installation of a shaft it is necessary to make measurement of size of backlashes in its radical bearings. Cut on pieces of the corresponding length (hardly more shortly length of radical necks of a shaft) the calibrated plastic wire from set Plastigage and lay on one along each of radical necks of a shaft, in parallel their axis.
    Lay on a piece of the calibrated plastic wire from a measuring set along an axis of each of radical necks of a shaft, in parallel its axis.
    Wipe surfaces of bearings in covers and establish the last on the places in the block (do not mix a cover) so that the arrows cast on their top part have been turned forward on the engine. Try not to displace laid on necks of a shaft wire pieces. Slightly oil a carving part of bolts of fastening of covers of bearings, screw bolts. In three stages tighten bolts of covers with demanded efforts. Do not suppose проворачивания a shaft in the course of a tightening of bolts. Give bolts and cautiously remove covers of bearings. Combine them in the same order as they have been established on the engine. Try not to displace in the course of removal of covers the flattened out pieces of a wire and not to turn a cranked shaft. If any of covers does not give in to removal, slightly обстучите its hammer with soft the brisk. Measure width of the flattened out pieces of the calibrated wire by means of a scale on packing to a measuring set. The backlash size in the bearing will be result of measurement at once. Compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications.

At checking of results track conformity of the standard of a scale to the standard of technical requirements of Specifications - on packing it is put two scales - one in the American (inch) standard, the second - in metric.

    Measure width of the flattened out pieces of the calibrated wire on each of shaft necks on a scale on packing to a measuring set (measurement make in the widest part of a piece).
    If the backlash does not correspond to requirements of Specifications, loose leaves not that size (that means necessity of selection of replacement) are probably established. Before coming to conclusion about necessity of replacement of loose leaves make sure that between their backs and beds of bearings in covers or the block in the course of backlash measurement there was no dirt or oil. If the flattened out calibrated wire appears more widely from one of neck edges last has конусность. Cautiously scratch out from surfaces of necks and-or bearings all traces of the flattened out plastic wire. Take advantage for this purpose of a nail or a credit card edge - presence on working surfaces of bearings задиров and agnails it is inadmissible!

Definitive installation of a cranked shaft


    Cautiously take a cranked shaft from the engine. Smooth out подшипниковые surfaces in the block and grease with their thin uniform layer молибденсодержащей or assembly greasing. Grease the surfaces of a cranked shaft contacting to epiploons by pure impellent oil. Establish in the block the top half of back radical epiploon (noted yellow paint the party back on the engine (engines V8) and sealing sponges - forward.
    Enclose in a block flute the top half неопренового a back epiploon коленвала...

... Sponges (marksman) forward on the engine.

    Make sure that necks of a cranked shaft are pure and lay a shaft in the block. Wipe surfaces of bearings in covers and grease them. Establish covers on the places so that arrows specified in them forward on the engine. Establish bolts, having greased their carvings and the bottom part of heads with oil. Impose on everyone their parties of an interfaced surface of a cover of the back radical bearing on a stain of hermetic Locktite 515 (points of drawing of hermetic on covers of radical bearings of engine V8 see an illustration to the Head Engine V8).
    On the sites of a surface of a cover of the back radical bearing of the 6-cylinder engine noted in drawing impose hermetic Locktite 515.
    Enclose the bottom half of epiploon in a cover of the back radical bearing and establish a cover on the place on the block.
    Insert the bottom half new неопренового an epiploon into a cover of the back radical bearing.
    Tighten bolts of fastening of all covers, except for a cover of the persistent bearing (№ 3), with demanded effort. Slightly move a cranked shaft the lever forward-back in the block, then tighten bolts of a cover of the third bearing with demanded effort. Check up axial люфт a shaft by means of measuring probeа or a digital measuring instrument плунжерного type (Has undressed Removal of a cranked shaft). Axial люфт should lie in admissible limits if persistent surfaces of a shaft are not worn out and new bearings are not damaged and established. On the models equipped РКПП establish on a shaft pin the new directing bearing (the Head Coupling and трансмиссионная a line). Some times turn a cranked shaft, having made sure of absence of points of obvious jamming.