Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grand Cherokee
+ Cars of mark Jeep Grand Cherokee
+ Options and routine maintenance
+ Рядный the six-cylinder engine
+ Engine V8
+ Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ System of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission
+ Distributing box
+ Coupling and трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of an onboard electric equipment
- Controls and operation receptions
   Acquaintance to the car
   Start of the engine and driving
   The panel of devices and the salon equipment
   Trailer towage
   Emergency towage of the car
   Towage of the car for the purpose of engine start


Controls and operation receptions

Acquaintance to the car

Keys, locks and locks

The complete set of keys

The complete set of keys which is given out at purchase of the new car is packed into a plastic cover, with the number code put down on it. If you receive keys without such packing, ask the representative of dealer branch where the car is got to inform you a number code of keys.

The complete set includes two keys - main and office. The main key approaches to all locks on the car whereas the office is intended only for unlocking/lock-out of a driver's door and management of the ignition lock. The main key should be stored constantly at the owner of a vehicle whereas the office can be transferred парковщикам parking places or to masters of car-care centre who cannot get with its help even into a ware box of the panel of devices.

The main key (at the left) and an office key (on the right).

Key introduction in the lock of ignition and its extraction back

Do not forget before leaving the car to take a key from the ignition lock. Check up, whether all doors are reliably closed!

The key is equipped by a bilateral small beard and can be inserted into the lock in any way. Enter a key against the stop into a chink of the cylinder of the lock of ignition and turn it in demanded of designated on an accompanying illustration position. Key introduction in the lock and its extraction are back possible only in position LOCK of the cylinder. For transfer of the key inserted into the lock in position LOCK preliminary press it (selector AT lever should be established in position).

Positions of the cylinder of the lock of ignition.

If to open a driver's door at inserted into the lock of ignition a key, the alarm buzzer reminding to the driver about necessity to take a key will be distributed.

Blocking of a steering column

The car is equipped блокиратором a steering column of passive type. Блокиратор prevents driving possibility at taken of the lock of ignition a key. If the steering wheel turns no more than on a half-turn in each of directions, and the key is taken from the ignition lock, hence the steering column is blocked.

To make wheel blocking, turn its top party downwards, muffle the engine and take a key from the ignition lock. Now slightly pull a steering wheel, rotating it in both directions for input блокиратора in gearing.

Switching-off блокиратора is made by small turn of a key in the ignition lock in any of the parties.

If wheel blocking has been made by its turn to the right/to the left and for its switching-off the steering wheel should be turned in the same direction.

Locks of doors

The main key except the ignition lock approaches also to all doors of the car, including a back door.

To unlock or lock a door, enter a key into a chink of the cylinder of its lock.

The main key approaches to locks of all doors of the car.

After unlocking of the lock of a door of a back it can repeatedly open and be locked without key application. To open a back door, pull on itself its handle.

At leaky closed door of a back the fulfilled gases containing highly toxic both hazardous to health and human lives монооксид of carbon (WITH) get into salon of the car during its movement! Before beginning movement make sure of reliability of closing of a door of a back.

Отпускание the lock of folding glass of a door of a back (can enter into an additional complete set of the car) it is made simultaneously with unlocking of last. For glass opening wring out top рычажок the switch located over a plate of licence plate. At opening of folding glass there is an automatic switching-off of a back screen wiper for the purpose of prevention of its casual start.

The handle of unlocking of the lock of a door of a back (the top arrow) and рычажок the switch отпускания a clamp of folding glass of a door of a back (the bottom arrow).

At leaky closed folding glass of a door of a back the fulfilled gases containing highly toxic both hazardous to health and human lives монооксид of carbon (WITH) get into salon of the car during its movement! Whether Before beginning movement check up glass is densely closed.

All doors of the car are equipped by internal locks рычажкового type. For door lock-out at захлопывании it is enough to translate forward in position LOCK рычажковый the switch on its internal party.

For automatic lock-out of a door at it захлопывании translate рычажковый the switch from the interior of a door in position LOCK.

After захлопывания unlocking from within back doors becomes possible only after their conclusion рычажковых switches from position LOCK. Forward doors can be opened by means of internal handles.

From reasons of the general safety all doors of the car during movement should be blocked!

Back doors of the car are in addition equipped special блокираторами, allowing to prevent possibility of their unlocking from within salon. The data блокираторы without fail should be used by transportation children. For activation блокиратора lower downwards рычажок, located over a lock latch at a back end face of a door. Deenergizing блокиратора is made by switching рычажка in the top position.

Блокиратор the door lock, preventing possibility of its unlocking from within salon.

In case of failure do not forget that at included блокираторе back doors of the car can be opened only outside - take care of that back passengers could get out during time of the car!

System of the electric uniform lock

Switches of management of activators of door-locks

Management of activators of locks of all doors (including a back door) is made by means of the switches of keyboard type located on armrests driver's and forward passenger doors. For lock-out of locks press the right half of key of the lock, for unlocking - on left.

The keyboard switch of management of door activators of the electric uniform lock.

Blocking of doors by means of switches or a remote control (ДУ) is not represented possible in following cases:

After inclusion of blocking opening of back doors from within salon becomes possible only after отпускания рычажков блокираторов. Forward doors can be opened by means of internal handles.

Remote control by door activators of the uniform lock

By means of panel DU of a door of the car can open on distance without key application.

Panel DU activators of locks of doors.

The intake of the uniform lock is located in assemblage of a lantern of illumination of salon, or in the central part of the top console. Having come nearer to the car on sufficient distance (nearby 3), direct panel DU on the receiver and press, depending on a task in view on button LOCK (Lock-out) or UNLOCK (Unlocking) on its obverse panel.

Obstacle presence between panel DU and the receiver of the uniform lock is capable to prevent operation of activators, anyway considerably reduces radius of action of the panel. The average radius of action (in the absence of obstacles) ДУ makes approximately 3 m.

At the moment of panel DU use on its obverse panel the control lamp confirming sufficiency of level of a charge of its batteries should light up. Average service life of batteries makes one year then it is necessary to establish instead of sat down two new elements of type CR1616 pressure on 3 V.Pri replacement performance watch observance of polarity of installation of elements (symbols + and - are engraved on their cases).

Panel DU is vulnerable enough knot and can be put out of action at sharp stirring. Do not drop the panel and do not throw a bunch of keys by which it is attached.

The intake of the uniform lock provides reception of signals (and operation on them of door activators) several (to four) panels DU. For programming of panels for the purpose of their use on your car make following procedures:


    Unlock a driver's door and leave its opened on all time of performance of programming of panels. Translate рычажок a mechanical drive блокиратора the lock in position LOCK. Insert a key into the lock of ignition and turn it in position RUN/ON (see an illustration). During the following of 20 seconds direct on the receiver panel DU subject to programming and press button LOCK on its obverse panel. Keep the button of 5 seconds pressed not less during which the electronic module of an intake will be adjusted on an alarm code of the given panel and will confirm successful end of adjustment by operation of activators and unlocking of door-locks. On termination of programming of the first panel, it is possible to prepare the receiver for reception of signals from additional (total number to 4). Within 20 seconds after end of programming of the first panel translate рычажок a mechanical drive of a driver's door in position LOCK and repeat the described procedure for the following panel. To keep the entered codes in memory of the receiver, it is necessary within 20 seconds after end of programming of last panel to switch off and again to include ignition. During this moment all earlier written down codes will be replaced by the new.

At the moment of unlocking of door-locks by activators of the uniform lock from panel DU, and also at opening of doors salon illumination automatically joins. These fixtures remain included during nearby 30 seconds, or till the moment of inclusion of ignition (key turn in position ON - see an illustration).

The anticreeping alarm system

Sensitive gauges supervise a condition of doors (including a back door), a cowl, folding glass and in case of revealing of signs of unapproved penetration into the car provide inclusion of sound and visual alarm signals. Within the first 3 minutes the horn will publish buzz, and then head headlights and back dimensional fires will continue to blink within 15 minutes. Possibility of start of the engine will be blocked till the moment of switching-off of system.

Alarm system inclusion is made at operation on lock-out of doors of activators of the uniform lock (from keyboard switches or from panel DU). After switching-off of 30-second illumination of salon (the item "At the moment of unlocking of door-locks see...") on the panel of devices the control lamp of introduction in action of the anticreeping alarm system starts to blink. The lamp will stop to blink after approximately 15 seconds, confirming successful end of installation of the alarm system. If a lamp during this period of time it is necessary to burn continuously, whether check up the cowl is densely closed.

If the control lamp continues to burn continuously during using the car, address for consultation in dealer branch of company Chrysler.

If at the moment of unlocking of doors by a key or on a signal from panel DU the horn publishes triple buzz, it means that in your absence the system of the anticreeping alarm system worked. Check up, whether there are no signs of penetration into the car of extraneous persons.

The system of the anticreeping alarm system is conceived as a vehicle protection frame. Nevertheless there are situations in which there is its failure. If, remaining in the car, you will casually make lock-out of doors by the keyboard switch or from panel DU, the anticreeping alarm system will work at attempt of opening of a door from within for the handle. Involuntary switching-off of system occurs at unlocking by a key of a door of a back. After the door will be closed repeated инициации alarm systems will not occur.

Activation of the anticreeping alarm system occurs at the moment of connection of the battery after service or car repairs end. Thus all external lighting devices join in a blinking mode, and ignition is blocked. System switching-off is made by key turn in the lock of any of doors, or at operation of activators of the uniform lock from panel DU.

Systems of safety and restriction of movings of the driver and passengers

Safety of persons being in the car is one of the most important and responsible problems of designers and developers. The main things from the knots, called to carry out the given problem are seat belts of the driver, forward and back passengers, and also a pillow of safety of the driver. Standard seat belts can be used also for fixing of special adaptations for transportation of babies and children of younger teenage age.

Will pay steadfast attention of the information stated in given subsection is will help you to achieve the maximum return from the systems of safety equipped in the car.

Seat belts

The general information

Infringement of instructions for use by seat belts repeatedly raises risk of reception of mutilations in case of emergency collision! Do not forget to fasten the seat belt and watch that all passengers being in your car were fastened.

Remember that the wiped or torn belt at the moment of collision can tear, without having executed thereby the function. Regularly check a condition of tapes, buckles, анкерных скоб and returnable devices of seat belts. The damaged components are subject to immediate replacement in knots of a standard design. Obligatory replacement of the worked belts should be made also after failure.

Of necessity пристегивания seat belts remind a control lamp on the panel of devices of the car (see Has undressed Start of the engine and driving), and also an alarm buzzer.

Remember that the solid experience of driving in any a case does not grant the right to neglect use of seat belts. Be fastened even in case of a trip on very short distance. Do not forget that not all participants of traffic are the disciplined and skilled drivers that is why the probability of collision takes place constantly, both far from the house, and in your native street.

Experimental researches prove that use of seat belts allows to lower repeatedly risk of destruction of the driver and passengers of a vehicle during collision. The most serious traumas usually turn out as a result of ejection of the person from car salon. It seat belts that is why, each participant of movement, the driver or the passenger, should be reliably also allow to avoid and it is properly fastened.

Belts of universal type

The general information

The zone section of a universal seat belt should be laid so that it covered the most powerful bones of a coxofemoral joint of a skeleton. Wrong putting on of a belt raises risk травмирования in case of collision! Strictly follow the instructions resulted more low on putting on and пристегиванию seat belts.

Пристегивание one belt at once two persons it is inadmissible in view of considerable decrease in efficiency of action of a belt. Besides, during collision both passenger can suffer as a result of blow the friend about the friend!

The forward near doors forward and back seats of the car are equipped by seat belts of universal type.

Each of universal belts consists of humeral and zone sections. Inertial type the returnable device provides belt blocking only at its sharp jerk (during emergency braking or collision). Thus the belt is freely taken up from a drum at smooth it вытягивании that allows to place in the convenient image it on a body of the driver/passenger.

Instructions for use universal seat belts

At застегивании a buckle not on the clamp the belt will not provide to you due safety. The zone section of a belt can pass thus too highly, covering less strong bones of a skeleton. Watch, that the belt was always clasped in the lock nearest to your seat.

Too free placing of a belt is inadmissible also. At sharp braking the body will have time to get доставочное for reception of traumas acceleration. Watch that the belt densely covered a trunk.

At all do not pass humeral section of a belt near at hand - thus also efficiency of its action considerably decreases. Throw a belt through a thorax so that the maximum loading at blow had on the strongest bones of a skeleton.

Take the place in the car and close a door. Lean the elbows on a back and adjust a seat.

The belt buckle is located on a door rack directly over edge of a back of a seat. Grasp a buckle and extend a belt from the returnable device. Throw humeral section of a belt through a breast, and посную straighten on hips.

Extend a belt for a buckle from the returnable device.

If the length of a belt allows, latch a buckle in the mechanism of the lock of the clamp, located under a pillow of a seat from its opposite party.

Latch a buckle in the clamp lock.

Throw zone section of a belt through hips, at once under a stomach. To choose a weak point, pull for humeral section of a belt. For belt easing incline a buckle and pull from itself посную section. Dense landing of a belt reduces risk проскальзывания under it trunks at collision.

Too high lining of zone section of a belt is fraught with damage of an internal at failure. Watch that the basic loading had on the strongest coxofemoral bones!

The humeral section of a belt should settle down in the convenient image on a breast, without mentioning thus cervical department. The weak point will get out the returnable device automatically.

Перекручивание a belt can lead to cuts of soft fabrics of a trunk during strong blow at collision. Watch that the belt has constantly been straightened on a breast and hips!

For clearing of a seat belt press button PRESS of the lock of a clamp of a buckle. The belt will automatically be winded on a drum of the returnable device. In case of need shift a buckle downwards on a belt tape, having given the chance to it to be winded completely.

Pregnant women at пристегивании a seat belt should watch that its zone section settled down strictly on hips and not to suppose перекидывания it through a stomach. In case of collision the basic loading is necessary on powerful bones of the coxofemoral joint, in the best way capable to protect a fruit.

At пристегивании a universal belt of the teenager or the undersized passenger watch that it settled down in a seat vertically and periodically check density of a lining of a belt.

The central zone belt of a back seat

At too weak tension of a zone belt or its too high lining the passenger during collision can slip under a belt and sustain injuries. Watch that the belt densely fitted hips, and the basic loading in case of collision had on strong bones of a coxofemoral belt of a skeleton.

The passenger sitting in the middle of a back seat should be fastened by specially provided zone seat belt. For застегивания a belt latch a buckle in the clamp lock.

To extend a zone belt, incline its buckle and pull. Belt truncation is made by pulling up of the free end of a tape. Watch that the belt densely covered hips. Occupy convenient position on a seat, densely nestle on a back and adjust length of a belt so that it densely covered your trunk.

Escalating of seat belts

Use of the extension piece of a seat belt without presence of strict necessity for it is dangerous! Apply the extension piece only when the full length of a standard belt does not suffice for пристегивания the full passenger.

If the seat belt is too short for пристегивания the stout person, in dealer branch of company Chrysler it is possible to get the special extension piece, allowing to increase a belt till the demanded size. The extension piece should be used only when the length of a standard belt does not suffice. In other cases disconnect it and put in a ware box or a car luggage space.

Adaptations for transportation of babies and children of younger age

Designers of company Chrysler develop special devices for transportation in the car of babies and children of younger age. At installation of the given devices on standard seats of the car strictly follow instructions of their manufacturers. In case of need consult at experts of dealer branch.

Safety pillow

The general information

Presence in the car of a pillow of safety does not release the driver from necessity to use a seat belt. Excessively close finding to the helmsman of wheels during pillow inclusion is fraught with reception of traumas!

For effective operation of a pillow between a steering wheel and the driver there should be a sufficient free space. Sit down directly, conveniently put hands on a wheel, be fastened by a seat belt.

Cars of the considered mark are equipped by a pillow of safety of the driver. The block is built in in a nave of a steering wheel and in case of strong front blow provides instant with filling by gas of the pillow made of a dense material. Together with a seat belt and knee protection the pillow provides reliable protection of the driver at a car head-on collision.

The block of a pillow of safety is built in in a steering wheel nave.

The system of a pillow of safety is equipped by the control lamp built in in an instrument guard If the lamp does not light up at ignition inclusion, continues to burn after start of the engine or joins in movement time, the car should be driven away for performance of corresponding diagnostics and necessary repair in a workshop of dealer branch of company Chrysler.

The basic components of system of a pillow of safety are: blow Gauges, the self-diagnostics Block, the Control lamp, the Module of activation with the pillow fixed on it, the Steering wheel and a column of a special design, Connecting electroconducting and Knee protection (see an illustration more low).

Knee protection (it is specified by arrows).

Functioning principle

Blow gauges

Gauges are located in a forward part of the car, and also in its salon and provide operation of the module of activation of a pillow when acceleration of face-to-face blow reaches certain value. Gauges should not react on sliding, lateral and back blows, and also on переворачивание the car. Inside gauges are equipped by the switches connected to the block of self-diagnostics of system and the module of activation of a pillow.

The self-diagnostics block

The block checks serviceability of functioning of electronic components of system each time at поворачивании the ignition key in position START or RUN/ON (see an illustration). Into number of such components enter all from listed in the item "the Cores компонентыми systems of a pillow of safety...", except for a steering wheel, a column and knee protection.

At initial inclusion of ignition the block provides inclusion of a control lamp of a pillow of safety on an instrument guard of the car for a while from 6 till 8 seconds. Then the lamp should go out. If at diagnostics performance in system any infringements are revealed, the lamp will continue to burn continuously, or will pass in a blinking mode.

The module of activation/pillow of safety

The module is located in the central part of a steering wheel. When the acceleration arising at a head-on collision reaches sufficient value, blow gauges give out a signal on module operations. Thus газогенератор the module provides emission of a considerable quantity of the nontoxical nitrogen, providing instant надувание the pillow made of a strong material. The decorative cover in the central part of a steering wheel leans back also a pillow is developed, filling space between a wheel and a body of the driver. All process lasts about 50 milliseconds that corresponds approximately to half of time spent by the person on blinking by centuries. Almost at once nitrogen from a pillow is issued through the ventilating apertures directed towards the panel of devices that is why, pillow operation is not capable to prevent the driver in driving or to limit sector of its review.

Consequences of operation of a pillow of safety

Once the worked pillow of safety will not provide protection to the driver at repeated collision! The module should be replaced at the first possibility in dealer branch of company Chrysler.

Does not follow крепить to the car knifes for сгребания snow, лебедки and other non-standard equipment which has been not provided by a design передка. Installation of the such equipment is capable to break serviceability of functioning of gauges of blow of system of a pillow of safety!

Naduvanie pillows it is made almost instantly on a signal of gauges of the blow reacting to face-to-face acceleration of certain force. Almost immediately the pillow is blown off.

Insufficiently strong face-to-face blow should not lead to pillow operation, therefore it is not necessary to consider absence of reaction of system as a sign of its malfunction.

Operation of a pillow of safety can have some collateral consequences:

Service of system of a pillow of safety

Any sort of updating of components of system of a pillow of safety are capable to lead to refusal of its operation in the fullness of time! Do not try to change a lining of electroconducting of system or to fix a decorative cover in the central part of steering any column tapes and bandages. Do not make change to a design передка the car!

Under a steering column reliable protection of knees of the driver (see an illustration 1.48) should be established - at all do not fix on its panels any additional equipment and do not use them for storage of extraneous subjects!

At all do not undertake attempts of independent performance of repair any of system components! The given work should be charged experts of dealer branch of company Chrysler.

The list of the reasons on which it is necessary to address to experts of dealer branch of company Chrysler, understanding systems of pillows of safety is more low resulted:

At refusal of a speedometer, a tachometre and measuring instruments of working parametres of the engine the module of activation of a pillow of safety also fails. In such situation it is necessary to try to replace a safety lock № 22 in the assembly block.

Adjustment of position of seats

Performance of adjustment of position of a driver's seat during car movement dangerously! At a sharp push it is easy to run away, besides it can easily appear correctness of a lining of a seat belt is broken. Make adjustment of position of a seat before a start of motion.

Forward seats with a manual drive (a standard complete set)

Updating of position of a frame of a seat

To shift a seat at will forward or back, pull upwards located in front under its pillow скобу managements. Release скобу and, поерзав, make sure that the seat was reliably fixed in new position.

Adjustment of position of a frame of a forward seat (an arrow it is shown скоба managements).

Updating of an inclination of a back

During movement the seat back should not be cast away too strongly when the seat belt ceases to nestle on your breast as in this case at collision the belt will be not capable to keep a body already. To lean back on a seat it is recommended only during parking!

For updating of an inclination of a back of a seat lift located assemblage under a pillow of a seat the lever and lean back together with a back in convenient position. Return of a back to vertical position occurs automatically at lever procrastination upwards.

Adjustment of an inclination of a back (an arrow the control lever is shown).

Updating of height of position of headrests

Headrests provide reliable protection of cervical department of a backbone in case of blow in the car behind. The headrest is usually established in extreme top position.

The headrest should is established in extreme top position.

Forward seats with the electric drive on six degrees of freedom (an additional complete set)

In order to avoid damage of components of the electric drive do not put under seats any subjects!

Control panels are located by the electric drive on lateral aspect of a frame of each seat, is direct under its pillow.

Elektroprivodnye forward seats.

Updating of height of position of a seat is carried out by means of the central switch - turn it рычажок accordingly upwards or downwards.

For seat displacement forward or turn the same рычажок (central) accordingly forward or back back.

The inclination of a back of a seat is corrected with the help рычажкового the switch And.

For updating of an inclination of a pillow take advantage of the switch of Century

Collapsible back seat of separate type

Both lateral backs of a back seat develop that allows to expand essentially in case of need luggage space volume.

For simplification of procedure of folding of backs of a back seat, shift forward seats forward against the stop, and their backs translate in vertical position. The description of procedure of folding of a back seat is more low resulted.

Each of pillows of a back seat is equipped fixed in its back part special педелей, having pulled for which, the pillow can be lifted, having pressed to a back of a forward seat.

The pillow nestles closely on a back of a forward seat (on an insert the loop site is shown).

For additional expansion of volume of a luggage space of a pillow of a back seat can be taken. Turn a pillow a floor a corner 45 . If now to pull a pillow upwards, its arms will be liberated from the clamps and the pillow can be removed. Installation is made upside-down.

For removal of headrests from backs of a back seat turn clockwise special blocking муфты. Now, to take a headrest, it will pull vertically upwards from directing nests enough.

Headrests of back seats are equipped blocking муфтами.

After extraction headrests can be fixed in the special nests provided in combined pillows - nests also are equipped blocking муфтами, headrests reliably fixing probes.

Find from below from lateral aspect of a corresponding back of a seat a special control lever, delay the lever back and combine a back forward.

Lever site отпускания backs of a back seat.

For fastening of back universal seat belts at the combined back seat on their humeral sections and lateral panels of furnish of salon special clamps petelno-krjuchkovogo type are provided.

For return of a back seat to an initial working condition lift its backs and latch them in vertical position. If the cargo placed in a luggage space does not allow to lift completely a back, will return in a starting position a pillow inconveniently. The lock handle will not allow to plant completely a pillow - such safety lock guarantees stability of fastening of a back to a seat at installation on it adaptations for transportation of children.

Электроприводные window raiser

In order to avoid children's overindulgence the electric drive Glass lifts functions only at the included ignition (a key in position ON/RUN). Each of lateral windows is equipped by the individual control panel with the switch of keyboard type. For glass lowering it is necessary to press a key downwards, for lifting - upwards. The driver's door is equipped by the universal control panel, allowing to operate window lifterами all door windows.

The control panel the electric drive Glass lifts.

Rear-view mirrors

Internal rear-view mirror

Internal rear-view mirror with manual switching in day and night positions

The mirror should occupy such position to provide the review precisely through the centre of back glass of the car. With the help рычажкового the switch located in the bottom part of the case of a mirror, the last can be translated in day, or in night position that allows to avoid blinding of the driver by a headlight of headlights of a vehicle overtaking the car. For mirror transfer in night position delay рычажок the switch on itself.

The lever of manual transfer of a mirror in night position.

Internal mirror with the automatic device приглушения reflected light

Such mirror automatically reduces intensity of the reflected headlight of head headlights of vehicles overtaking the car. Inclusion and device deenergizing is made by means of located from below on the case of a mirror of the button. At activation of system in the button the control lamp lights up.

The button of inclusion of the device automatic приглушения intensity of reflected light.

External rear-view mirrors

The general information

Cars and the other objects reflected in convex glass of the right mirror look smaller and removed than if glass was flat. Before to make maneuver, being reconstructed in the right number check a condition of road behind itself on an internal mirror, trying to rely not too on reflexion in the right the lateral!

Correctly adjusted lateral rear-view mirror should be directed precisely on the middle of the next lane and slightly block sector of the review of an internal mirror. Updating of position of the mirror not equipped with the electric drive is made manually by a turn of a framework of its glass.

External mirrors with heating (an additional complete set)

A food on heating elements of mirrors moves simultaneously with inclusion of heating of back glass.
External mirrors with the electric drive (an additional complete set)

The combined switch of management is located by the electric drive of updating of position of external rear-view mirrors at the left below on the panel of devices of the car. For updating of position of the left mirror establish central рычажок the switch in position L, right - in position R. Adjustment of an inclination of mirrors is carried out by means of four command keys.

The combined switch of management of the electric drive of updating of position of external rear-view mirrors.

The lever отпускания the cowl lock

Leaky closed cowl can unexpectedly open during car movement, having blocked the driver review sector! Watch that the lock latch reliably worked at захлопывании a cowl.

For cowl opening pull on itself the lever And, located at the left under the panel of devices. Then leave the car, push a hand under slightly risen cowl and pull on itself the safety handle of a latch of V.Podnimite and prop up a cowl.

The lever отпускания the cowl lock in car salon () and the latch handle under a cowl ().

At поднимании a cowl there is an automatic inclusion of a lamp of illumination of an impellent compartment.

Lay brake

Try not to leave children in the car without supervision. In advance warn them what to touch the lever of a lay brake, no less than the gear change handle it is dangerous!

Do not lock children and pets in the car left on the sun - the probability of reception of a heatstroke is too great!

To cock a lay brake, strongly pull upwards the handle of the lever of its drive, located in the central console of the car between forward seats. If the lay brake is cocked at the included ignition, on an instrument guard the control lamp should light up.

The control lamp only confirms the fact of raising of a lay brake, in any way without reflecting the brake effort developed thus.

Before to leave parked on an inclined site of road the car make sure of reliability of raising of a lay brake and do not forget to translate АТ in position R/include РКПП on the first transfer. Make sure that the distributing box is not in neutral position, otherwise the car is not insured from скатывания under a bias without dependence from transmission position.

At a car parking on an inclined site are expensive to cock important a lay brake earlier than to start switching АТ in position Р, otherwise the mechanism of blocking of transmission it will appear under loading and the selector lever will be then difficult for switching to transfer.

Do not forget to cock without fail a lay brake before to leave the car.

For отпускания a lay brake slightly pull the lever upwards, then press located in a face part of its handle the button and completely lower the lever downwards. Make sure that the control lamp on an instrument guard has gone out - movement with the cocked lay brake can lead to refusal of brake mechanisms.

If the car is equipped by an automatic regulator of back brake mechanisms, composers of the given Management do not recommend to the owner to make independently any updatings - such responsible work should be charged experts of dealer branch of company Chrysler.

Recommendations on обкатке the new car

All necessary are made for normal operation of the car of adjustment of the engine industrially by experts of company Chrysler. That in the maximum degree to prolong service life of the car and to achieve high efficiency of return of the engine, throughout several hundreds km/miles of run it is necessary to observe some special rules. In below-mentioned points the list is resulted corrected also restrictions which should be observed the period обкатки the car:

Refuelling of the car by fuel

For opening лючка a jellied mouth of a fuel tank pull upwards the lever located on a floor of the car between a driver's seat and a threshold of the right door. On the lever there is inscription FUEL DOOR and the image of the fuel pump is put.

The opening lever лючка a jellied mouth of a fuel tank.

On a case of refusal of the mechanism of a remote drive of unlocking лючка a jellied mouth, in the back lateral panel of a body behind a spare wheel the special emergency cable is provided - open a cover and, having pulled a cable, open лючок a jellied mouth.

Cable of emergency opening лючка a jellied mouth.

Muffle the engine and remove from a jellied mouth of a fuel tank a cover for what turn it counter-clockwise. Fix a cover in special, provided on back the door parties лючка, a clamp. For cover installation into place fill it in a mouth of a tank and tighten clockwise at least on three clicks.

Opening of a jellied mouth.

The full volume of a fuel tank makes 87.4 l.

The requirements shown to a grade of fuel

The design of power supply systems and engine management provides good profitability of the expense of fuel in case of car refuelling high-quality неэтилированным fuel.

Use for car refuelling only gasoline with OCTANESым number not more low 87, defined on a method of calculation of arithmetic-mean value between the sizes defined research and motor ways: N = (R +М)/2, or, in Russian designations: N = (PETROL +А)/2.

Periodic occurrence of an easy detonation in the engine at its work on low turns should not cause special anxiety. In a case of a strong detonation on high turns it is necessary to address in dealer branch of company Chrysler.

Damages of the engine owing to a strong detonation do not get on protection of guarantee certificates.

Besides, that gasoline should be неэтилированным and have OCTANESое number not below the stipulated value, it is recommended to use the fuel containing such additives, as ингибитор corrosion and means for increase of stability of turns of the engine. Application of such additives allows to raise efficiency of return of the engine and reduces its expense. Usually неэтилированное fuel of class Premium already contains such additives.

Use of low-grade fuel can lead to occurrence of such problems, as the complicated start of the engine, spontaneous it остановы and infringement of stability of turns. In case of occurrence of any of the listed symptoms, try to replace fuel mark before there will be more serious problems.

Some grades of fuel represent a combination unleaded the gasoline mixed with such кислородсодержащими by additives, as alcohol and methyl-tetrabutilovyj (МТВЕ) and etil-tetrabutilovyj (ЕТВЕ) aethers. Thus the great value has type and quantity of the oxidizer added to fuel. For refuelling of cars considered in a given Management following combinations are admissible:

Added to неleadedу to gasoline of methyl spirit can vary from 3 % and above.

Use of the fuel containing methyl spirit on cars of the considered mark is inadmissible and can result to difficulties at start of the engine and to failure of sensitive components of the power supply system!

The problems connected with use of fuel with additives of methyl spirit do not get to the list of the refusals listed in guarantee certificates of company Chrysler.

Control systems of the engine

The general information

In order to avoid infringement of serviceability of functioning of the power supply system try to observe following rules:

The Katalitichesky converter

Infringement of service conditions of the engine can lead to failure expensive каталитического the converter. In case of occurrence of any disturbing symptoms, in particular such as admissions of ignition or decrease in efficiency of return of the engine it is necessary to make diagnostics and car service immediately. Its further operation can lead to failure каталитического the converter!

Equipped catalytic the converter cars are subject to refuelling only неэтилированным fuel. The high maintenance of lead in leaded fuel is capable to lead to appreciable decrease in efficiency of the converter and its fast exit out of operation. At usual service conditions of the car каталитический the converter does not require regular service. Nevertheless it is necessary to pay attention to observance of correct parametres of adjustment of the engine.

Infringement international пломбировки adjusting devices of systems of decrease in toxicity is pursued by the law!

Do not park the car over easily flammable subjects, on sites, поросших a dry grass or the filled up fallen down leaves.

At long operation of not adjusted engine there can be the characteristic pungent smell usually accompanying process of vulcanization of rubber. The given smell is a sign of a serious overheat каталитического the converter. The car should be immediately stopped, the engine is muffled and cooled. Then without any delay it is necessary to make engine adjustment.

To reduce to a minimum probability of failure каталитического the converter try to observe following rules: