Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grand Cherokee
+ Cars of mark Jeep Grand Cherokee
+ Options and routine maintenance
+ Рядный the six-cylinder engine
+ Engine V8
- Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
   The general information
   Engine major repairs - the general information
   Check компрессионного pressure in cylinders
   The diagnostic checks made by means of the vacuum gauge
   Methods of removal of the engine and necessary safety measures
   Removal and engine installation
   Variants of restoration of the engine
   Order of dismantling of the engine
   Dismantling of a head of cylinders
   Cleaning and check of a condition of a head of cylinders
   Service of valves
   Assemblage of a head of cylinders
   Removal of shatunno-piston assemblages
   Removal of a cranked shaft
   Cleaning of the block of the engine
   Check of a condition of the block of the engine
   Хонингование cylinders
   Check of a condition of shatunno-piston assemblages
   Check of a condition of a cranked shaft
   Check of a condition radical and шатунных bearings
   Assembly order of the engine after end of its major repairs
   Installation of a cranked shaft and check of backlashes of radical bearings
   Installation of piston rings
   Installation of shatunno-piston assemblages and check of backlashes in шатунных bearings
   The first start of the engine after major repairs
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ System of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission
+ Distributing box
+ Coupling and трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of an onboard electric equipment
+ Controls and operation receptions


Engine major repairs - the general information

It is not always easy to define when follows and whether it is necessary to make full major repairs of the engine in general. At the decision of the given problem it is necessary to take into consideration set of factors.

Considerable run far not necessarily is a sign of necessity of carrying out of major repairs and on the contrary, small run at all is not a guarantee of a good condition of the engine. Probably, most important factor here is frequency of performance of procedures of routine maintenance of the car. The engine on which change of oil and the oil filter were regularly and often made, it is equal as other procedures on leaving were honesty carried out, with the big degree of probability will smoothly serve many and many thousand kilometres. At neglect carrying out of major repairs of the engine can already be demanded by performance of procedures of routine maintenance after absolutely insignificant time.

The excessive expense of impellent oil usually is a sign of necessity of paying of attention to a condition of piston rings, маслоотражательных caps and-or directing plugs of valves. Before to come to conclusion about a bad condition of these components make sure that oil losses occur not owing to its leaks. To help scoping of the works which performance is required during carrying out of major repairs of the engine компрессионного pressure (Section Check компрессионного pressure check carrying out will help with cylinders).


    Believe pressure of oil, having established instead of the gauge of pressure a manometre and compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications. If pressure is not enough, it speaks about probably taking place deterioration of bearings and-or the oil pump.
    Remove the block of the gauge of pressure of oil (arrow)...

... Also connect instead of it a manometre for measurement of pressure of oil - it is shown рядный 6 cylinder engine, the pressure gauge on engines V8 is located on the top part of the block, behind the inlet pipeline.

Capacity loss, astable work of the engine, excessive noise клапанного the mechanism and the raised expense of fuel can be signs of necessity of carrying out of major repairs of the engine, in particular if they are present all simultaneously. If full adjustment of the engine does not help to correct a situation, carrying out of the general mechanical works on restoration of internal components of the engine is required.

Performance of major repairs of the engine means restoration of its operational characteristics to спецификационных values of the new unit. During major repairs replacement of piston rings and restoration of mirrors of cylinders (проточка and хонингование) are usually made. If проточка cylinders it is made in a car-care centre workshop, also pistons of the repair size usually are simultaneously established. Also replacement radical and шатунных bearings, and also camshaft bearings is usually made. Can be in case of need made проточка and restoration of necks of a cranked shaft. The full complex of service клапанного the mechanism which components by the time of necessity of carrying out of major repairs of the engine seldom are in a satisfactory condition is usually carried out.

Simultaneously with carrying out of major repairs of the engine can be restored and other components, such as the distributor, a starter and the generator. As a result of the spent complex of works the restored engine should receive characteristics new and smoothly serve still many thousand kilometres of run.

During carrying out of major repairs of the engine replacement of such critical components of system of cooling, as hoses, приводные belts, the thermostat and the water pump is without fail made also. Many repair trucks do not give any guarantees for the work if professional cleaning, check of a condition and radiator repair preliminary have not been made. The radiator should be checked carefully up on presence of signs of leaks and blocking of internal channels (the Head of System of cooling, heating and an air conditioning). In the absence of confidence of diagnostics of malfunctions of a radiator replace it. It is not recommended to make major repairs of the oil pump - establish on the restored engine the new pump.

Before starting engine major repairs attentively familiarise with the description of demanding performance of procedures and try to imagine character of forthcoming work clearly. Performance of major repairs of the engine should not cause special difficulties, under conditions of accurate following to instructions, presence of the necessary tool and careful observance of requirements of Specifications, however demands patience and certain expenses of time. It is necessary to plan refusal of using the car for term a minimum in two weeks, in particular if any of components it is necessary to send for repair or restoration in a car-care centre workshop. Make sure available all necessary spare parts and take care of preliminary rent or acquisition of the special tool and the equipment.

The most part of works can is made by means of the usual metalwork tool though for validity definition to the further use of some details application of the exact measuring equipment is necessary. Examination of a condition of separate elements can be made on a car repair shop where you receive corresponding recommendations about their replacement.

Before solving what part of works it is necessary to charge for performance to experts of automobile repair shop make full dismantling of the engine and all its components (especially it concerns the engine block) and carefully check up their condition. As the block condition is the basic criterion of that definition, whether it is necessary to make major repairs of the old engine or easier to replace its new or restored, never start acquisition of spare parts and do not carry out станочную processing any of components until the block condition will be carefully investigated. Carrying out of major repairs of the engine usually demands expenses in the basic time, therefore it is not necessary to try to save on installation of non-standard or poor-quality components.

In summary it is necessary to notice that to achieve the maximum term of trouble-free service of the restored engine, its assemblage after major repairs carrying out should be made in irreproachably pure conditions.