Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grand Cherokee
+ Cars of mark Jeep Grand Cherokee
+ Options and routine maintenance
+ Рядный the six-cylinder engine
+ Engine V8
+ Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ System of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission
+ Distributing box
- Coupling and трансмиссионная a line
   The general information
   Coupling - the general description and check of serviceability of functioning
   Removal and installation of components of hydraulic system of deenergizing of coupling
   Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of coupling
   Removal, check of a condition and installation выжимного the coupling bearing
   Check of a condition and replacement of the directing bearing
   Kardannye shaft, differentials and bridges - the general information
   Condition check трансмиссионной lines
   Removal and installation карданных shaft
   Replacement карданных hinges
   Replacement of an epiploon of a shaft of a leading gear wheel of differential
   Removal, service and installation of a nave and bearings (forward wheel)
   Removal, major repairs and installation of a forward power shaft
   Removal and installation of assemblage of the forward bridge
   Removal and installation of a back semiaxis and bearing assemblage
   Removal and installation of assemblage of the back bridge
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of an onboard electric equipment
+ Controls and operation receptions


Check of a condition and replacement of the directing bearing

The directing bearing of coupling is the bearing of roller type, which запрессован in a back pin of a cranked shaft. The bearing main task is maintenance of a support of the forward end of a primary shaft of a transmission. Check of a condition of the directing bearing should be made each time at removal of components of coupling from the engine. In view of затрудненности access, in case of absence of confidence of definition of a condition of the bearing, replace it without hesitation.

If the engine is removed from the car, it is necessary to lower superfluous of resulted below procedures.


    Remove РКПП (the Head the Manual box of a gear change). Remove coupling components (Has undressed Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of coupling). Check up directing bearing on presence of signs of excessive deterioration, deep scratches, задиров, losses of greasing and other damages. In case of revealing of any of the listed defects the bearing should be replaced. At bearing survey useful there will be a small lamp. Bearing removal probably by means of a special stripper, however not less effective appears application of an alternative method. Find a firm steel core, on diameter slightly it is less than internal diameter of the bearing. Instead of a core it is possible to take advantage wooden бруском or a replaceable head with inserted in it for filling of a cavity with a bolt. The core should enter into the bearing densely enough. Fill the bearing and space behind it (a cavity in an end face of a cranked shaft) dense greasing. Stuffing make as it is possible more densely, expelling from a cavity it is maximum more air. Insert a core into a bearing nest, cover the bearing and a core with rags and start to strike strongly enough on a core a hammer. Thus greasing will start to supersede (force of hydraulic blow) the bearing from a shaft. Remove the bearing and remove all traces of greasing from deepening in a shaft pin.
    Fill deepening behind the bearing dense greasing and having inserted in the bearing a core of the corresponding diameter (densely), start to knock on a core, creating the hydraulic blow superseding the bearing from a pin of a cranked shaft.
    For installation of the new bearing fill its internal surface and slightly grease an external surface with greasing on литиевой to a basis (подшипниковой greasing), then fill the bearing in deepening in an end face cranked by means of the centering tool or the tool for refuelling of plugs. The sealing ring should appear turned outside, and the bearing to rise in a nest strictly perpendicularly.
    The structure of the directing bearing includes a sealing ring which is not subject to replacement in an individual order. In case of revealing of signs of leaks or bearing drying, replace it. The bearing should be established by a sealing ring outside.
    Begin to knock the bearing in a nest by means of the tool for landing of plugs or the suitable size of a replaceable face head.
    Establish into place coupling components, РКПП and all preliminary acting in film details. In the correct image tighten all fixture.